Aluminium Signs

Aluminum signs are one of the best type of metal signage businesses can use to advertise their products and services. They are durable signs that can be fixed to a wall or any other flat surface, attached to a flag, or fixed to a pole to give your business a professional look.

At Procloud Signage, we create strong, but lightweight aluminium signs that do not bend easily, to help businesses advertise their products and services. We provide you with exceptional graphics designs and use the latest technology to create an excellent sign that will give your business the necessary exposure.

Aluminium Composite Sign (ACM Panels)

Aluminium composite signs are large building signage that enables you to advertise your business either outdoor or indoors.

They are also known as Dibond and are highly resistant to physical impact and temperature changes. Making an aluminium composite sign involves printing excellent graphics that reflect your brand image on aluminium composite, which weighs about half as much as solid aluminium, but is thicker.

They maintain their shape and don’t distort, irrespective of the level of exposure to heat and sunlight. They are long lasting signs that you can use for outdoor and free-standing displays and are more easily maintained than wooden signs.

Aluminum Sign Brisbane Options

There are different types of Aluminum signs, which you can choose from, including brushed, anodized, sprayed or standard aluminum signs. They are also available in different standard and customised sizes, and a variety of styles depending on your needs.

  • Two-sided printing with different messages on the two sides, or the same message on both sides.
  • Pre-drilled holes on all four corners or in the top corners to make attachment to walls or poles easier.
  • Gloss or matte lamination to make your aluminum signs resistant to markings and graffiti, and protect them from exposure to UV rays.

We apply the high-quality printed graphics on aluminium panels using the latest art applicator technology to give your aluminium sign an outstanding finish.

Aluminium Signs Usage

There are two main types of aluminum signs; indoor aluminum signs and outdoor aluminum signs. Indoor aluminum signs allow businesses to pass their message across with a durable sign as well as provide a beautiful aesthetics within the business premises, while outdoor aluminum signs are used to pass brand messages outside the business premises.

You can use aluminum signs for the entrance signs to your business, shop fascia signs, information signs and directional signs.

They can also be used for trail maps, safety signs, building identification signs, street signs, traffic and regulatory signs, and parking garage signs.

Long-lasting Aluminium Signs

Aluminum signs are lightweight and easy to install signage that convey information to your prospective customers accurately.

We can provide you with the highest quality aluminum signs in Brisbane that never need to be scraped or repainted, and made to be waterproofed, and corrosion resistant.

We print, manufacture and install aluminum signs at an affordable price, and deliver Australia-wide.