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Vinyl Wrap Brisbane, Car Vinyl Wrap, Fleet Car Signage are cost-effective compared to spray painting your company vehicle, store window, product packages, etc. to advertise your business. They can be designed in a variety of colours, and patterns, printed, installed, and changed without any hassle. Procloud Signage is Fleet Signage Experts & Experts in Car Vinyl Wrap Signage.

At Procloud Signage, we have a team of highly-creative graphic designers on hand to help businesses create stunning vinyl wrap designs that will attract and convert prospects with minimal effort, using high-quality material and the latest design technology.

Custom Vinyl Wrap Designs

Well-designed vinyl wraps are highly engaging and attract the attention of prospective customers who are driving or walking by your company store or fleet car signage, and effectively promote your business and event to them.

Our team of highly-creative graphic designers can create eye-catching car vinyl wrap designs that will reach a wider target audience easily and grab the attention of prospective customers on the go.

We also have the latest printing technology to help you print your car vinyl wrap with high-quality materials, as well as a team of highly-experienced technicians that can help install them.

Vinyl Wrap Brisbane

In a world where advertisements are everywhere, the custom vinyl wrap Brisbane is a simple but cost-effective way to promote your business.

When it comes to vinyl wrap Brisbane businesses can easily brand their storefront, signage or vehicles,
or create a new look with a wide variety of colours and design options, all with hassle-free installation.

Vinyl Wrap Brisbane Designs

Key to the effectiveness of your vinyl wrap signage is its design. You deserve a high quality vinyl wrap design that will stand out in a crowd.

At Procloud Signage, we have a team of creative graphic designers, who are highly experienced in vinyl wrap Brisbane. They are hands on in helping you create stunning designs to attract more customers. Further, they will guide you in converting your designs into an effective advertising medium. With this, you can maximise your results with minimum spend.

Our dedicated team also delivers you vinyl wrap solutions for your corporate identity, so you can display your brand and logos professionally on almost any surface.

We use the latest printing technology and the best materials to ensure your business puts its best food forward.

Custom Vinyl Wrap Brisbane

As signage Brisbane experts, we know there is no one size fits all solution for every client. This is why we offer custom vinyl wrap Brisbane businesses love. A highly customised vinyl wrap will give your business maximum exposure with relatively low effort.

Whether you are looking for a way to increase awareness of your brand, trying to advertise your product, or wanting to give your car or storefront a new look, you can get a tailored solution with custom vinyl wrap.

Well-designed vinyl wraps are highly engaging and attract the attention of prospective customers who are driving or walking by your company store or vehicle, and will effectively promote your business and event to them.

To learn more about how you can take your brand to the next level with a personalised marketing and affordable solution, contact the experts in custom vinyl wrap Brisbane, ProCloud Signage.

Why Vinyl Wraps? The Benefits of Vinyl Wrap Brisbane

There are several reasons why vinyl wrap is a popular choice for Brisbane businesses wishing to promote their brand. The key benefits of vinyl wrap Brisbane include:

Choosing vinyl wrap Brisbane can change the colour, design, and style of your car or shopfront easily, compared to repainting. Aside from this, vinyl wrap Brisbane will give you the freedom to choose whether you want a glossy, matte or high impact finish. You can also add graphics and images of your choice, and change them out again in the future with relatively little expense.

Car paint and building surfaces can get easily scratched or damaged. With vinyl wrap Brisbane, you will not worry about all of these factors. Our team ensures that your car wrap is made from high-quality materials that will protect your vehicle, shopfront or other assets.

A business needs plenty of advertising to make sure people know about their product or service. Unfortunately many businesses don’t have extensive marketing budgets. Vinyl wrap promotions can bring a maximum impact to your business with a minimal marketing spend.

One marketing study showed that a vinyl wrap generates approximately up to 75,000 views every day. Out of all these views, it’s estimated that around 30% could be your potential customers. With this, vinyl wrap Brisbane can be a great opportunity for you to increase your brand exposure and sales. And it’s far cheaper than traditional advertising materials.

A vinyl wrap is a fraction of the cost of repainting and far less disruptive to your business. Repainting could take weeks to finish. In comparison installing a vinyl wrap, only takes a couple of days or so to complete.

Durability is a key factor in the decision making process for vinyl wrap Brisbane businesses go through. A high quality vinyl wrap can last for up to 5 years. This time is enough for you to gain the brand recognition you need and to have a return on your investment.

A vinyl wrap can also protect your car from losing value when it comes to resale, with the original paint job preserved and easily restored by removing the vinyl wrap when needed.

Most car owners who want to put their car on sale may need to fix their paint jobs before they put the vehicle on the market. If they had their cars wrapped, the cost and the hassle caused by a repaint job could have been prevented.

When you wrap your car with vinyl, it preserves the original color of your car. The vinyl wrap is easily removed to reveal a fresh looking car that appears almost brand new. This can result in a higher resale value compared to other vehicles..

For car enthusiasts, vinyl wrap is a great way to update your vehicle’s look easily and cost-effectively. You can wrap your car in various colours and customise its design according to your choice. You can customise your car from time to time without having a level of commitment the same as repaint job. Aside from this, vinyl wrap Brisbane is also cheaper compared to a repaint job.

The Vinyl Wrap Process

To get the best vinyl wrap solution for your business, it’s important to understand the process.

1. Plan and prepare

At ProCloud Signage we will sit down with you to determine the goals of your vinyl wrap. Like any marketing activity it’s critical to understand from the outset what the ideal outcome is that you have in mind. Are you after brand awareness or trying to inspire action? This will help to determine the vinyl wrap Brisbane customers are more likely to respond to. Through this process, our team ensures you that your concerns and any questions you have are properly addressed.

2. Pick the right style for your vinyl wrap

When it comes to car wraps, vinyl wrap can be installed in either of the following ways:

Partial Vinyl Wrap Brisbane

Partial vinyl wrap covers only a part of a vehicle while maintaining the original paint job on the other parts. An example of this is when a company would just add a logo or certain details on the vehicle. It could have a striking effect when balanced well against the original paint job. It can also be a very cost effective way of showcasing your brand and creativity, but traditionally has a lower impact than full vinyl wrap.

Full Vinyl Wrap Brisbane

Compared to partial vinyl wraps, full wrap covers the whole vehicle making it impossible to tell where it starts or ends. With this, your creativity can run free as the design will go from bumper to bumper. Of course, full vinyl wrap tends to stand out more, but needs to be designed well to be eye-catching rather than an eye-sore.

For high quality designs for your vinyl wrap Brisbane businesses can rely on ProCloud Signage.

3. Choose the right material

Choosing the right material is crucial. No matter how creative the design is, it can’t make up for a low quality material. The material that you use may be determined by the design style you choose. For instance, if you choose to do a full vinyl wrap then cast film may be the best choice. This is due to the properties that cast film offers. This material has the best conformability that makes it a great choice when you opt to cover every curve and corner of your car.

On the other hand, if you are looking to cover flat surfaces and simple curvatures, and you don’t want to break your wallet. Calendered film may be the best choice for you. This type of film is a popular choice for partial vinyl wrap.

Speak to ProCloud Signage for expert advice on material options for your vinyl wrap Brisbane.

4. Professional installation

There are a lot of companies who may claim to be professionals at installing vinyl wrap Brisbane.  The true test is in the finished result and long-term appearance.

With Procloud Signage, our team have mastered the installation process through years of experience and the highest professional standards. It is through this, we have acquired the right skills and techniques that guarantee a good quality finish. Our experience is the key factor in our company’s continued success and high quality service for vinyl wrap Brisbane.

5. Ongoing maintenance


After installation of your vinyl wrap, it can be exposed to different contaminants. When some contaminants get wet for a period of time, they can form an acid solution. This contaminant can cause your vinyl wrap to deteriorate if left for a long time. To prevent this, wash your vinyl wrap on a regular basis. Washing can remove the contaminants on the surface of your vinyl wrap.

Keep vinyl wrapped cars undercover

Another thing is, when your car is not in use, cover it. This will protect the vinyl from too much exposure to ultraviolet rays. While during the night, it will prevent dew from forming. By covering your car you can prevent causing damage to your vinyl wraps and get even longer out of it.

Apply protective products with care

Aside from car cover, car wax can also add protection from UV rays. However, you should take note that, the wax should not contain petroleum distillates. You can also opt to use a natural shining protectant. It is best to use protectant made especially for glossy vinyl wraps and carbon fibre wraps.

When looking for a cost effective and clever way to advertise your business, vinyl wrap is a great option.

For all your car wraps and business signage needs contact the vinyl wrap Brisbane experts, ProCloud Signage today!