Car Magnets Brisbane

Car Magnets Brisbane signs help advertise your business on-the-go and are preferable to wraps and stickers because they are cheaper and can be easily put on and pulled off your car. Placing a car magnet on your car in Brisbane provides you with a mobile advert of your business that grabs the attention of other drivers and pedestrians as you drive around town.

Magnets Brisbane

Magnetic signs are permanent, promotional signs that provide businesses with a cost-effective advertising solution compared to other types of signage such as wraps and stickers. And, unlike other marketing tools that are viewed only once, such as postcards, magnetic signs can promote your business to thousands of prospects for years. There are two major types of magnetic signs you can print in Brisbane – car magnets and fridge magnets.

At Procloud Signage, we manufacture high-quality, captivating car and fridge magnets to grab the attention of prospects and make your business information readily available. Our magnets are durable and will stay attached to your vehicle or your customer’s fridge for years.

Fridge Magnets Brisbane

Fridge magnets are functional promotional materials that hardly get thrown away. They offer subtle continuous and effective marketing because they are useful to customers and can be used for attaching document, pictures, reminders and kid’s artworks to refrigerators. You can also add valuable information to the fridge magnet, such as emergency numbers and handy kitchen tip, to increase their usefulness and the chances prospects will use them every day. See Samples!

A professional looking fridge magnet will find a permanent home in your customer’s kitchen or lunch room advertising your business. Stake your claim on your prospect’s fridge with colorful, useful fridge magnets.

Magnetic Signs Brisbane Options

Magnetic signs are essentially vinyl or paper graphics with a layer of magnetic strips that make it possible to affix them to a metallic surface. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and color.

Fridge magnets are usually small in size and can be distributed easily, such as handing them to prospects at tradeshows and other events and packing them with customers’ shipments. Magnetic stock options include thin or thick materials depending on your needs.

Magnets Brisbane To Stick Your Message

Quality magnets are created to stick your message permanently. Our magnets are professionally designed, printed and delivered Australia wide.

We use the highest quality material and the latest printing technology to make high quality, magnetic signs that can withstand the fast movement of cars and humidity of fridges.