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Car stickers are great until you want to remove them. Don’t risk damaging your vehicle by trying to remove old car stickers yourself, trust an expert like Procloud Signage with your car stickers removal.

Here’s why you need a professional when it comes to old car stickers removal:

Avoid unnecessary damage to your vehicle

Ensure the sticker is removed in its entirety

Ensure the glue and any residue is also removed safely

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Old stickers will very rarely come off in one piece. This can be frustrating and increase the chances of damaging your vehicle or paintwork.

Procloud Signage has all the experience and equipment needed to remove old stickers in their entirety. No matter how old that sticker is, we can remove it safely and efficiently.

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Procloud Signage uses a variety of techniques and equipment in effective car stickers removal. This can include the use of hot air to soften the layer of the adhesive, making old car stickers removal easier.

We will also take a series of precautions to avoid any damage to the paintwork of your car.

We can also use non-harmful chemicals in old car stickers removal. It works similarly to hot air, in that it will soften the sticker adhesive. Importantly, we don’t use any products that will damage your vehicle’s paintwork.

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Adhesive residues are ones of the most challenging things to remove. Not only is glue removal time consuming, it can also place your car at higher risk of being scratched.

We understand how to handle glue removal safely and protect your vehicle throughout the process.

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Car Wrap Removal

Vinyl car wraps are an easy and cost-effective way to transform the look of your vehicle and protect your vehicle’s original paintwork.

Carbon fibre vinyl wraps can be used to cover your whole vehicle, or just parts of it. Alternatively, you can just use car wrapping to give your vehicle a highly customised look.

While vinyl car wraps can last for years, they are also useful for temporary marketing campaigns.
Your vinyl car wrap is like a large car sticker, which can be easily removed by professional car wrapping services such as Procloud Signage.

We can remove your vinyl car wrap without damaging your paintwork or vehicle. We can also easily install a new vinyl car wrap to give your vehicle a whole new look.

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The Car Stickers Removal Specialists

As car wrap specialists, we have extensive knowledge of all aspects of car wrapping, stickers and adhesive. Whether you need to remove a vinyl car wrap covering your whole vehicle, or smaller stickers on your car windows, bumper or paintwork, we have the expertise and equipment needed to safely remove your car stickers.b

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