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Wayfinding Signage Design

This article is an introduction to wayfinding signage design and how wayfinding works. You will learn about wayfinding, signage design and typography to create a clear and concise wayfinding system that applies the built environment. The need for people to navigate from one place to another is a basic human activity and a fundamental part

Logo Design Brisbane

At ProCloud Signage we believe that a basic understanding of colour psychology is important to design an effective custom designed logo. The human mind is highly receptive to visual stimuli, and colours are one of the main defining factors in that response. On both a conscious and subconscious level; different colours convey different meanings, not

7 Popular Fonts Used In Professional Graphic Design - Signage Brisbane

Although there have been many other most used font posts, most of them outline fonts used by the ‘not-so-well-trained’ designer. In this article, we want to outline the fonts that are often used by the more ‘professional’ of designers.   The List of Commercial Graphic Design Fonts 1. Helvetica Without a doubt, Helvetica is the

Colour Contrast for Signage - Signage Brisbane
Colour Contrast for Signage

This article is an introduction to signage colour and contrast. You will read about the contrast ratio for displaying text on a coloured background for signs. The article will explore the meaning of colour and how to differentiate colour in information layers. The contrast between the foreground and background is one of the most critical

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Typography for Signage

Signage constitutes a small but highly-visible class of typographic design. Sometimes referred to as environmental graphics, this type of signage includes: billboards banners trade show booths outdoor signage retail signage real estate signage window signage magnetic placards logos Selecting appropriate typefaces – and using them appropriately – is critical to the effectiveness of any signage

Estate Agents Signboards

Let ProCloud Signage redesign at your real estate agency signboards to help you get stronger results. Signboards are an excellent promotional product to have in your marketing campaigns arsenal. It is a large format sign & sits front & centre at the properties you have for sale. – they need to grab the market’s attention,

Illuminate Signage Brisbane
Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signage is an excellent choice for any business that requires some extra exposure at night. Examples of this kind of signage include: Illuminated Lightboxes Illuminated Letters Illuminated 3D logo Neon Signs The best aspect of Illuminated sign s is that it simply; stands out; the signage is extremely useful as it focuses the attention

Designing Teardrop Banners - Brisbane Signage
Designing Teardrop Banners

When considering how to create a design for your teardrop banner, the most challenging aspect to consider is what is the best information to use, and how best to place it on the non-symmetrical teardrop flags shape. Getting the most out of your banner for advertising on is essential; & is a useful tool to